Reassembly Film Machine

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This project initiated from a complex organisation of objects that are triggered to interact with each other, creating ‘knock-on’ effects. I wanted to explore the fundamentals of machines, deconstruct their language. And saw even if I replaced the elements or formats, it was possible to maintain the concept of a machine through the essence movements. After the experiment, I got insights that Film machine create various narratives in a film format and give a different to understand conventional cinema.

Position of Designer
Speaking of my design position in this project, I provided different narratives in a specific context based on making enquiries.

Research and Thinking Process

1 Initial Idea

I was interested in the theme of improvision in Adhocism ([1972] 2013) as well as the retelling of the same story, each in a different style of Exercise in Style by Raymond Queneau ([1947] 1998). Using their ideas, I re-present new style from a video with an approach based on Rube Goldberg machine.

2 Improvisation

I chose from the film each sequence which showed specific movements of hand touching, driving, rotating an umbrella and the ufo and selected all of these to edit together. Then I put together to use the Rube Goldberg machine idea to show the series of movement to correlate them e.g the rotating umbrella affected the driving, then the driving affected the ufo and so on.

3 Anatomy

After experiment the improvisation, I deconstructed film e.t. How the machine’s movement can be shown in film language. I questioned ‘What is an object made of?’. Follow the question, I cut each clips based on the machine movements.

4 Form

I changed the typical machine images from solid metalic hard texture to soft and organic creatures. Some movements looked like part of machine, but other motions not so much.

5 Motion Tracking

I compared machines with natural movements. But it was quite hard to catch and find common features. For me, it looks like natural movements are more complicated perhaps due to the environment they perform in.

I also wondered about If the movements are overlapped, is it showing narrative or interaction between the movements?

Mechanical Film-Making system

Mechanical Film-Making explore different viewpoint by changing perspective of an object or content. When the film E.T. deconstructed each sequence into simple machines, mechanical movement and actions, it shows a machine element in a different context.

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