Plant Composition

Illustrated by Cinema 4D

While practising the new medium, I wanted to draw plants for my meditation and image exploration after falling in love with nature. I imagined lots of floras and saw various kinds of plants during the process of creating digital plants. I made basic shapes and added shape effects, such as bending, twisting and tapering. Improvising with those effects created diverse form. It was like growing plants from seeds. Although some shape was just an unexpected form, some effects produced shapes that looked good and developed successfully. The purpose of the exploration was now not only self-guided meditation but also experimenting with the space and shape of plants in the virtual world.

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Various Illustration

Illustrated by Cinema 4D

Pfizer Oncology

Live Better Than You Imagine

Storyboards and Illustration 

I worked on the breast awareness campaign for @Pfizer Oncology with Mondi Studio. The campaign tells about brave people who fought against the disease and are now too busy living their lives as they should. 'Mondi studio' was responsible for creating the characters and animations of these patients that were too busy enjoying their lives hence why they were not present on set. Even with Metastic Breast Cancer Live Better Than You Imagine.

It was a pleasure to work with various talented designers together. I was in charge of drawing storyboards and illustration which was collaborated with five animators.

Pfizer Oncology - Mondi Studio Full Version︎︎︎

Pose sheets for animation

Animation sequences 

Lights Everywhere


Visualising Future A.I

Collaborated with ‘NextGenPSF’ Project in UK

Being asked how 2030 future scenarios could be visualised.

I inspired ‘Access to ownership of data’. Data ownership is not really important,
in part because most data is, in isolation, of negligible value. It is essentially useless without being plugged into the network, and the value is in the network rather than the data. Based on this idea, the illustration display of three-part as Data Gathering, Data Connecting and Data Sharing.

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